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Bound Magic Series: Book 1

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from Red Adept Publishing

Maeve O’Neill didn’t have a traditional childhood—her juvenile case file is evidence of that—but growing up on the streets of Boston made her tough and independent. Maeve has worked hard to turn around all her past mistakes, until she starts having agonizing visions of torture which lead her to the scene of a murder. She’s looking for answers, but what she gets is an unexpected parting gift from the victim: Magic.

Maeve’s new, wild powers unlock all of Earth’s untapped magic and make her the target of two supernatural groups: the powerful and corrupt Council and the rebel Brotherhood. With her life on the line, Maeve strikes a deal with the Council’s disillusioned enforcer, Silas Valeron, who agrees to help Maeve get rid of the unwanted magic.

But the bargain has two sides. Silas will keep her alive long enough to get them to a Fate who might be able ot remove the unwanted powers, but if they fail Maeve agrees to turn herself, and her considerable powers, over to the Council. With the tortured visions leading Maeve deep into a world she never imagined, and a growing heat with an ally she can’t trust, Maeve has to get rid of the powers before she loses control and hands over all of Earth’s magic, and her life.



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Bound Magic Series: Book 2

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from Red Adept Publishing

After defeating the Brotherhood, Maeve O’Neill is ready to reunite her scattered people. She has three days to convince the splinter groups it’s safe to come home, but their summit isn’t off to a good start.

Maeve’s romantic ties with the Aeternal Council’s newest member, Silas Valeron, are raising questions about her allegiances. The splinter groups are making unreasonable demands. And worst of all, an old flame shows up uninvited, and everyone expects them to rekindle their romance.

Maeve holds everything together as best she can until a mysterious Fate reveals a series of events that will lead to Silas’s death. She can prevent the disastrous future by stopping key events, but hidden enemies are sabotaging her every move, and the summit is on the verge of falling apart. If Maeve can’t figure out a way to change their fate, everything she loves might end up broken.


Bound Magic Series: Book 3

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After Maeve O’Neill’s rash decision to free magic, Boston is under lockdown as it spreads across the city. The whole world is in shock. Maeve must prove that normal people can control their new abilities before DODSI, the secret government agency overseeing magic, makes good on its threats of imprisonment or possibly worse. 

But she isn’t making progress as the New Alliance questions her decision to unbind Earth’s magic and she’s forced to cover for Silas while the Fates send him on mysterious errands. When Maeve accidentally releases a creature from another realm onto the city streets, her face is splashed all over the news and DODSI demands that she figure out a way to rebind magic or face dire consequences. 

Maeve has to find a way to keep magic free while protecting her people, but she realizes someone is working against her when unexplained tears between realms open all around Boston, spewing unearthly creatures into the city. She can’t trust the government or her own people, and thanks to their deal with the Fates, she can’t even trust Silas. The only option left? Turning to old enemies. 

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