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Author: Carolyn Walker

Title: Immortal Descent

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy

Publisher: Astrea Press/Clean Reads





by Carolyn Walker

Ethan West knows what it means to be different. Growing up in a fractured home and struggling with a strange sixth sense he couldn’t control, Ethan yearned for a normal life. But just as Ethan finds his balance, a paranormal attack unravels his life once more. At death’s door, Ethan narrowly escapes a horrific end but at the cost of his mortal soul. Now reborn as immortal being called a Lorn, Ethan undergoes a transformation that awakens the once dormant rare ability within him known as Sensory.

But Sensory is far more than just an ability—it’s the rarest ability among Lorns, which has made Ethan a moving target. With a great divide among Lorns, he quickly becomes a weapon of power for those who follow chaos, yet a savior for those who follow order. Now torn between two warring legions, Ethan struggles to better understand his own power and identity for the first time in his life. But what he learns will question everything he thought he knew about his past, his purpose, and the very future he’d hope to have.


What inspires you to write?

I’m sure many have said this before but in truth: it’s my passion in life. I consider myself an artist and to be able to create worlds, plots, and characters with lives, aspirations, flaws, loves, losses, emotions, and dreams—nothing is more magical to me. On top of that, I’m able to share my work with others and make a difference in their lives, whatever that may be. That is what inspired me to write.

Why did you decide to write Immortal Descent? And what can we expect for the future?

Immortal Descent originally came to me as a short story idea about a glimpse into the life of an immortal, witnessed by an ordinary man. But after sitting on the idea for a while, I realized the story deserved so much more. I’d read plenty of stories about immortality but few addressed the origin of it and why. That’s when I thought this would make a great story, so I began researching on it.

From there, I ran with the idea and soon it ballooned into this epic tale involving ancient lore, taboo history, and the idea of immortality existing in the real world. I’d written a paranormal thriller novel revolving around a (far from ordinary) young man named Ethan West and his experiences with the supernatural. Then I took it a step further to addressed their origins and how it affected our world. Add to that: dark factions, secret
societies, an underground war, plus magic and you’ve got one hell of a story.

Because of the scope of the Immortal Descent’s universe and the extensive history it pulls from, readers can expect a series of books. We’ll be seeing more of Ethan, learn more about the original immortals known as the Lorns, as well as dig deeper into the stories of the antagonists in book one.


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What makes you unique as a writer?

To me, words are my art. I always strive for a certain cadence and flow to a story that is both a thrill to read, as it is a joy to get lost in. Since I write dark fantasy fiction, I particularly believe in that strange and often overlooked beauty found in darkness.

Lastly, I love detail in writing and I want my readers to fully experience the story through all the senses. I achieve this through rich detail and tone. At times I am literary,
other times I am gritty, and always with a dollop of humor.

Who was (or still is) your childhood hero(s)?

As a child, I always gravitated toward the strong female heroines that had to overcome relentless obstacles, before evolving into something stronger than they ever thought possible. It often shaped who they were and they found ways to find love in their hearts for others, alongside unimaginable pain and loss. Xena Warrior Princess and Sailor Moon were my favorites. The complexities of these heroines were what inspired me and stayed with me the most.

Your novel Immortal Descent is at the threshold of New Adult and Adult with the protagonist Ethan West being just 20-years old, at the cusp of entering independent adulthood. Why did you choose to write a novel in this specific age group?

When the idea came to me as a short story, I was in my early twenties. I was still growing up and new to the adult world and the feelings I had during that time in my life were very strong. I always knew I wanted to write a story with a protagonist at that particular age—there isn’t quite a time like it. Just as the teen years are a remarkable time, so is that short span of years thereafter. Ethan suffers from anxiety and other concerns indigenous to someone his age. He’s turbulent, impetuous, and lost at times, but evolving—all
things that are pivotal to the ambiance and progression of this dark story. Additionally, I thought it paired nicely with a paranormal theme. I loved having that uncertainty looming as the stakes go higher and higher. To me, it made for a more intense tale.



Website: https://carolynmwalker.wordpress.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MissWriteWise

FB: https://www.facebook.com/carolynmwalkerwrites

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