[BOUND MAGIC SERIES] Fate Forged is on Audible!

I was so thrilled when my publisher told me it was time to make FATE FORGED into an audiobook. I love audiobooks. I have a fairly long commute to work (the Bay Area in California has murderous traffic), and I pass the time by listening to books while I drive. It’s one of the only times I have all to myself to mentally unwind each day.

The funny thing is… I’m picky about narrators. Like really picky. I have favorite authors whose books I simply can’t listen to, because the narrator’s style ruins the book for me. But a great narrator can really make a book something special. So I was excited to get started, but I had no idea what goes into making an audiobook.

Luckily, for me, it’s has been such a fun process working with my narrator Elizabeth Bailey to bring FATE FORGED to life. Elizabeth recorded a chapter at a time and sent it to me. I’d review each one and let her know if any words or names needed to be re-recorded until I gave it the thumps up. We went back and forth a few times on how to transition into the vision scenes. I hadn’t written the scenes with an audiobook in mind, and the abrupt transitions into the visions (represented visually by italics) needed something extra, but not jarring, and we found it together.

At first, it was totally and completely weird to listen to my words coming out of someone else’s mouth. But, Elizabeth did an amazing job and with each new chapter I found myself getting over the specific way someone else read my words, and enjoying the story all over again! I hope you enjoy it too!

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