[Book Review] House of Ash and Brimstone by Megan Starks

This series starter by debut author Megan Starks was a fun read from beginning to end. The unexpected characters (a minotaur side-kick!) and unique world-building were top notch. I quite enjoy a story with an action-driven plot and a healthy side of romantic tension, which the relationship between Gisele and Shade has in spades.

In a world where demons and humans live uneasily side-by-side, half-demon Gisele has built herself a fairly comfortable life. She’s my favorite kind of heroine – tough, snarky and slightly damaged. She’s built a life for herself, and has a plan… until Shade shows up and starts turning things upside down.

Desperate to break free of her binding employment contract, Gisele takes a mysterious and dangerous contract with a big payout, and then accidentally opens a portal to Hell with a stolen curio.

Her sometimes-ally Shade saves her, and then makes things worse with his lies and secrets. The twists keep coming as Gisele is thrust into the world of the demon royal court. With everything to lose, Gisele has to decide if she can trust Shade to help her navigate through lies, betrayals, and demon magic to uncover the truth about her own past.

Overall House of Ash and Brimstone is a fun mix of interesting characters, slightly angsty romance, and high-stakes adventure. Everything I love in an Urban Fantasy! I can’t wait for the next book!

As a half-demon paranormal bounty hunter, Gisele is used to flirting with death, but stealing a curio and opening a portal to Hell’s demon court is more than your average day job.

Now, she’s partnered with an infuriatingly handsome demon, Shade, who has more levels of grey than she can count.

Who can she trust to help save the city as Baltimore burns to the ground and ghouls roam the streets?

With a white-hot attraction burning between them and secrets blocking their path, Gisele must face her past and venture into the twisted heart of the demon royal court.

But with no memory of her past…will she be able to save their future?

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